What To Expect During a Visit To Homeopathic Practitioner?

A Homeopath looks at a person’s mental emotional and physical well-being and responses. This helps the practitioner choose the right remedy to fitting the characteristics of a patient’s overall state.

The homeopathic consultations consist of an initial session which typically takes up to an hour. The Homeopath will ask numerous questions about you, spanning family history, childhood illnesses diet, lifestyle and other areas all of these will help indicate an overarching picture to create the best treatment plan.

The second and subsequent consultations will typically consist of 30 – 45 minutes duration, in which the homeopath will ask questions asking how the treatment has been for them, and seek to identify any changes in the symptoms enable a modification of the treatment if required.

The homeopathic remedies are included in all of the consultation fee:

Adult/Children consultation & treatment

– initial consultation (45mins- 1 hrs) Follow up – (every 4 weeks duration – ( 20min – 30min )

Family consultation

£480.00 – initial consultation (2hrs) £380.00 – follow up consultation (every 4 weeks duration 1 hrs)

Consist of four family members in the family (Parents/Guardians and two children under the age of 16)

Acutes drop in clinic

Friday 10:00am – 14:00pm 15 min appointment slot – Please phone to book the slot £35.00 ( All treatment include remedy)

Home visits*

Can be arranged for patients who are unable to attend the clinic. Additional £15.00 charge for every visit.


Should a patient fail to cancel or cancel Reserve time without 48 hours’ notice, a charge of one quarter ( 25% ) of the greater of the minimum fee or applicable Fee will be Payable.

Should a patient Fail to cancel or cancel Reserve Time within 24 Hours of reserved time then a charge of Half (50%) of the greater of the minimum fee or the applicable Fee will become Payable.

Cancellation on the day will incur a Full Charge of 100% of the Fee.

* Home visit’s subject to available travel

Natural Homeopathic Clinic’s

Kingsbury car park (Northwest London )
Blue door behind Halifax bank

10 Harley St,

Homeopathic Remedies Homeopathic medicines (which homeopaths call remedies) are prepared by specialist pharmacies using a careful process of dilution and succession (a specific form of vigorous shaking) As yet, science has not been able to explain the mechanism of action of ultra high dilutions in the body, but laboratory experiments have repeatedly demonstrated that homoeopathically prepared substances cause biological effects.

The homeopathic medicines are non-toxic, they can be used on babies, children and during pregnancy. Your prescription Your homeopath will prescribe your remedy following the consultation. It will be given in one or more forms – tablet, pilule, liquid or occasionally in the powdered form.

As homeopathic remedies are taken differently from conventional medicines, do make sure that you understand the instructions before you take your remedy. Prescription will be given on each visit to the Homeopathic Clinic.