Psoriasis is an obstinate skin condition and an auto-immune disease in which red patches of different sizes develop on the skin with dry, silvery scales covering it. It is just a minor irritation to the skin for some people, but it can have a significant impact on the quality of life of those who are more severely affected.

The course of psoriasis is characterized by frequent relapse (flare up) followed by a period of remission (a symptom-free period). There are various factors, such as climate, stress, infections, and injuries, that can trigger a flare-up of disease within a short span of time even within a few days. Internal disharmony of the body with respect to disturbed immunity, environmental triggers, and genetic predisposition are some of the common causes of psoriasis.

Psoriasis is indeed a difficult disease to treat. It has been a challenge to the medical faculty, as most cases of psoriasis go through the cycles of remission and relapse even after using any kind of currently available or advanced treatments.

Psoriasis is not an external but an internal disease, which occurs due to the faulty immune system with genetic predispositions. So, it requires well-planned, deeply-acting medicines.

The length of treatment for psoriasis varies from case to case, depending on the duration of psoriasis, affected areas, the extent of spread, previous medication, general health, associated diseases, and other factors.

The topical treatment of steroids is going to be short-lasting and superficial. If immunosuppressive medicines, such as Methotrexate or cortisone, are used to treat psoriasis

Homeopathy is highly effective and safe in treating psoriasis because it uses natural medicinal ingredients in ultra-minute quantity providing a treatment which is extremely effective yet completely free from any side-effects whatsoever. Psoriasis, even if very severe and extensive, can find significant recovery using homeopathy.

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