If a person does not get sleep for whole night or if it is difficult for him to fall asleep everyday then he is basically suffering from insomnia.

Insomnia or sleeplessness is a common condition found in modern western world today. Various reasons are responsible for it including old age, diet, side effects of various drugs etc out of which most important in modern lifestyle now a days is Stress.

Homeopathy has proven to be very good for all such kind of illnesses. There are many homeopathic drugs which are said to be best for insomnia and they have given excellent results also in the patients.

Homeopathy is science which is not based on specific drugs but based upon individualization. Hence medicines in homeopathy can be used for sleeplessness depending upon the case history of the patient and individualization. So detail case history is very important in homeopathy.

Some of the drug which are commonly indicated as specifics includes coffea, kali phos, nux vomica, opium etc

  1. Coffea cruda – It is said to be best indicated for most of the cases of insomnia. It is mainly indicted in the patient where they don’t get sleep because of constant thoughts going on in their mind. When there is unusual activity of mind and when the person have disturb sleep due to dreams, coffea is indicated.
  2. Kali phos- It is said to be nerve tonic in homeopathy. Whenever sleeplessness is associated with other complaints like fatigue, anxiety, irritability etc, kali phos is indicated
  3. Nux Vomica- It is indicated mainly for disturb sleep. Sleep is generally disturbed due to dreams. Person can fall asleep in the evening but it is difficult for him to sleep at night gives indication for nux vomica
  4. Opium – After coffea, opium is another most indicated remedy for sleeplessness. Person is drowsy but he is unable to sleep because of various reason indicated opium. Often person may have breathlessness while falling asleep in opium.

Again it is important to match personality of the personality of the person with the remedy. Specific remedy always does not give results but if homeopathic medicines are prescribed on basis of individual person then medicines gives excellent results.

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