5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety?

  1. Stop thinking about It: Only if it was that easy, not to think about it? There are varieties of coping strategies put into place but simply saying Don’t Worry isn’t the answer.

Instead what should be said: ask if there is anything you can do to help try to understand what is happening?

  1. Everyone feels anxious. Anxiety is natural for anyone to feel; sometimes anxiety encourages us to complete tasks that we are unable to complete. But when anxiety stops you from completing even the simplest task that’s what the problem is!

Instead what should be said, encouragement is the Key making sure this person has someone to talk to, ask them are they okay?

  1. I’m stressed too. Everyone knows that one person who tries to take over the conversation, what some people don’t realise, it’s very difficult to Control the thoughts in your Mindand Anxiety tends to maximize every thought.

Instead what should be said, making sure your calm and not to say You are Stressed Out! Before you even try to calm them down!

  1. I know how you feel. Unless you have experience is dealing with Anxiety Patients or have experienced anxiety yourself you don’t know how I feel! So please do stop saying you know how they feel!

Instead what should be said, I know I can’t understand how you are feeling, but can you explain what you’re feeling?

  1. You are being dramatic, we all know that our thoughts can be irrational at times, but that is how our brain functions. It’s like typing a command on the Computer and seeing 1,500 results opened all at the same time, which you’re not able to stop from opening. Just because Anxiety is invisible does not mean it is not real!

Instead what should be said, few of the methods people say is good for anxiety are (breathing methods and yoga exercise, listening to Music), they are good but doesn’t work all the Time! Sometimes it’s Okay to feel this way. I know your anxiety can be difficult, but WE Are All Here For You!!!

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