14 Effective Homeopathic Remedies for Depression

Depression is becoming more and more common than you might think. In fact, mental health conditions, such as Depression is a serious medical condition which is increasing in modern society and affecting lot of people and their families.

Many people are never even diagnosed with depression they continue their life’s feeling empty inside!

At some point of time everybody experience depression in some form this could start as feeling low, being bullied, exam pressure, or Everyday life becoming successful in life, having a family, battling a medical condition, or even having suicidal thoughts, these are all forms of depression which isn’t looked into enough!

A lot of people suffer in silence for years, before they seek help or even start to talk about how they are feeling. It’s very important for people to understand talking about their feelings isn’t admitting defeat! or declaring that something is wrong with them. The key to overcome depression is being open about it, acknowledging depression is the first stage to get Help

Why you should Use Homeopathic Remedies for Depression?

Some people might tell you that depression is all in your head, and you should go speak to a psychiatrist.

You may also fear the thought of taking antidepressants (the conventional treatment for depression) We will look into more of these Homeopathic remedies in more details further down the list, lets first, look at the adverse effects of antidepressants.

Side effects of Conventional Medical Treatment for Depression

It is important to note that drug companies only need to provide the FDA with two positive antidepressant studies to gain approval for a particular drug, even though they may also submit several more negative trials.

Not to mention, there are also numerous adverse effects associated with antidepressants. The list includes:

anxiety, dry mouth, blurry vision, insomnia, headaches, nausea, weight gain, agitation, and digestive issues such as diarrhoea, abdominal pain, or constipation.

A person on antidepressants may also experience a decreased desire for sex and have issues achieving an orgasm. Men may also have a problem attaining an erection.

Causes and Symptoms of Depression

Homeopathy for depression is not easy to access, When being diagnosed with Depression they should have four to five symptoms associated with depression these signs include the following lasting for about a month.

  • Feelings of guilt
  • Physical inactivity or hyperactivity
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Insomnia / sleeping too much
  • Worthlessness, pessimism, and hopelessness
  • Persistent sadness
  • Thoughts or attempts of suicide
  • Poor / increased appetite
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Decreased interest in pleasurable activities
  • Decreased energy and fatigue

Overall, there are various reasons a person may be diagnosed as clinically depressed. Chemical changes in the Brain, may lead to mood disorders. For instance, low serotonin levels are associated with anxiety, irritability, impulsiveness, aggressiveness, and depression. These symptoms also start changing for the worse due to serotonin levels dropping further.

It is also essential to address other possible underlying causes and associated conditions, including nutrient deficiencies, excessive alcohol consumption, hypoglycemia, diabetes, lowed thyroid function, low adrenal dysfunction, food allergies, premenstrual syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, lung disease, heart disease, chronic pain or inflammation, liver disease, multiple sclerosis, seasonal affective disorder, and cancer.

Prescription drugs linked with depression include sedatives and tranquilizers, corticosteroids, antihistamines, blood pressure-lowering drugs, anti-inflammatory agents, and birth control pills. Heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, and herbicides are also known to lead to depression and other neurological and psychological conditions. A stressful life situation may also trigger depression, such as a divorce, death of a loved one, or loss of a job.

List of Homeopathic Remedies for Depression

Here are a list of several homeopathic remedies for depression that can complement a natural treatment.

Arsenicum album, Aurum metallicum, Calcarea carbonica (calcium carbonicum), Cimicifuga, China, Causticum, cadmium Sulphuricum, Graphites, Ignatia amara, Kali phosphoricum, Lachesis muta, Lycopodium, Natrum carbonicum, Natrum muraticum, Pulsatilla nigricans, Platina, Phosphoric acid, Sepia, and Staphysagria, Sulphur, Thuja,

Homeopathic Remedies Used in the Treatment of Depression

The challenge is to find the homeopathic remedy that best fits the personality and symptoms for your symptoms. Here are some top homeopathic remedies for depression.

  1. Arsenicum Album: It is the best remedy for excessive worriers, particularly for those that obsess about health, can be classified as a perfectionist. They often are depressed when they fail to reach personal high standards. The person’s symptoms are usually worse in colder weather, and they are also very sensitive to any pain.
  1. Aurum metallicum: A remedy for the workaholic with a tendency toward worthlessness, despair, and suicidal thoughts after a failure at work or in their personal life. Symptoms often worsen at night or during the winter months, but these individuals may find relief from soothing music.
  1. Calcarea Carbonica: Is often used for the reliable and hard-working types that become overwhelmed from physical illness, work, or worry. The person may also develop fatigue, anxiety, self-pity, discouragement, and confusion. This remedy is also best for people who sweat easily and who suffer from insomnia and periods of sluggishness.
  1. Causticum: Is the necessary homeopathic remedy when the person is depressed after a loss or when grieving. Other indications for this remedy include forgetfulness, regularly crying, and mental dullness. The person is often also very sympathetic toward others, and they can have an angry and unenthusiastic outlook on the world.
  1. Cimicifuga: This is the recommended remedy for someone who is active and conversational during good times; however, they feel low and upset during episodes of depression. Other symptoms including headaches, neck pain, and painful menstrual periods.
  1. Ignatia amara:Is often best for sensitive people that tend to suppress disappointment or grief. They also do not want to appear vulnerable, defensive, temperamental, or guarded in the eyes of others. They can cry easily on occasion, and burst into tears or laughter for no particular reason. Some of the other symptoms may also include insomnia, headaches and abdominal cramps.
  1. Kali phosphoricum: The person that requires kali phosphoricum will likely feel depressed after prolonged periods of emotional stress or excitement. They may also experience nervousness, exhaustion, lack of concentration, headaches, insomnia, anemia, sensitivity to the cold, and indigestion.
  1. Lachesis muta: Is the appropriate remedy when depression is caused by jealously, suspicion, or repressed feelings. It is also prescribed for people who dislike commitment or confinement. This remedy for a person who worries’s a lot very talkative, and experiences menopausal depression.
  1. Natrum carbonicum: Is considered the best remedy for people who are selfless, gentle, and mild by nature. The person tends to avoid conflict and usually becomes depressed after a disappointment of some kind. When they feel lonely, they are most likely to isolate themselves, withdrawn, they often want to listen to sad music. Other symptoms will include nervousness and sensitivities to weather changes, sun, and certain foods.
  1. Natrum muraticum: The person that requires natrum muraticum will often hide inner feelings such as anger, fear of misfortune, grief, or affection. They are also responsible, reserved, guarded, and they seek solitude. Although they also seek sympathy, they can become angry if someone attempts to console them. Other symptoms include migraines, insomnia, back pain, anxiety, and hopelessness.
  1. Phosphoric acid:Is the best remedy for the person who is dull, indifferent, and apathetic. Other symptoms include loss of appetite and often feeling overwhelmed from working too hard, grief, people who are studying, or heartbreak. They desire to drink juices, often speak in short phrases, and experience night sweats. Symptoms often worsen from sleeping.
  1. Pulsatilla nigricans: Is often used for people who become tearful and sad when depressed, and they desire lots of comfort and attention. They are also very changeable in mood, jealous, and whiny. The person’s mood will improve with fresh air, crying, and light even exercise. Pulsatilla nigricans is the best remedy when depression occurs in conjunction with menopause, menstrual periods, or puberty.
  1. Sepia:Sepia is the best remedy when a person is overwhelmed from loved ones. They also want to be alone and they may become angry when disturbed. They may feel better after crying and they prefer not to be consoled. Other related symptoms include digestion problems and menstrual issues.
  1. Staphysagria: Is the best homeopathic remedy for a person who is sensitive, quiet, and emotional. The person may be obsessed working and have a problem standing up to others. The depression can be caused by shame, resentment, suppressed emotions, and hurt feelings. When under pressure, they may experience fits of rage. They may also have a high sex drive and experience insomnia, headaches, toothaches, stomach aches, and stress-related bladder infections.

Dosage Guidance

Always consult with a homeopathic practitioner for the chosen remedy and its dosage instructions. During the treatment of depression if you feel your  symptoms doesn’t improve then consult and seek further advice you’re your homeopath for a more appropriate remedy.


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