Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is a psychological eating disorder in which a person refuses to eat adequately, in spite of hunger and they lose enough weight to become emaciated. The illness usually begins with a normal weight – loss diet. The person eats very little, and refuses to stop dieting after a reasonable weight loss. People most affected are female adolescents and young adults.
Causative factors all patients have family and internal conflicts, including sexual conflicts. Increased risk from peer pressure to be thin. History of slight overweight. Perfectionists, compulsive or overachieving personalities. Psychological stress.

Signs and symptoms 

Weight loss of at least 25% of body weight without physical illness.
High energy level despite body wasting. Intense fear of obesity. Depression, Appetite loss, ConstipationCold intolerance, Refusal to maintain a minimum standard weight for age and height. Distorted body image. The person continues to feel fat even when emaciated. Cessation of menstrual periods.

Arsenicum alb.  Extreme fastidiousness especially about germs and dirt. Anorexia coupled with fear of being poisoned. Fear of getting certain diseases so they starve.

Carcinosin  Obsessive compulsive disorder. Perfectionism, fear of becoming fat, fear of rejection. Etiology: abuse, grief or fears, often related to weight. Chronic insomnia, workaholics.

Hyosyamus  Anorexia plus mania, insanity, fear of being poisoned. Could have pathological jealousy, over concern about weight and getting fat.

Ignatia Perfectionism, fear of becoming fat, fear of rejection. Hysteria – loss of control of emotions, fainting. Etiology: grief or big disappointment, often related to weight.

Natrum mur. Most often indicated remedy in anorexia, a lot of guilt. Fear of being rejected, hurt easily, very self conscious. Dry lips, emaciate, dry skin, constipated, loose appetite. Behind this is perfectionism and fear of becoming fat. Nat mur have more confidence.

Phosphoric acid  Etiology: grief with loss of appetite with emaciation, pining away from loss of love, second stage they get indifferent to all emotions and food. Deadness inside (Sepia, Aurum met). Grief – anorexia than some chronic disease.

Platina met Obsessed with their appearance, fear of becoming fat. Very obsessive and impulsive personality, egocentric and arrogant, all tied up with their sexuality, religious mania.

Pulsatilla  Feeling of worthlessness, unloved, loneliness, fixed ideas about. Food especially certain foods are bad, than amount of foods that are bad grows, fear of gaining weight, pulsatilla’s gain weight easily, they can eat a pastry and swear they gained weight. Ignatia, Puls. and Nat. mur. are constantly weighing themselves. Scanty menses.

Sepia  Anorexia plus hormonal problems, nausea, sensitivity to smell. Disgust for food, worse since childbirth, hormones causes lack of appetite.

Stapysagria  Acute of Carcinosin, more visible, visibly upset. Carcinosin can control it more, Staph. may it more. Deep sense of worthlessness and depression, even suicidal. Humiliation, mortified, put down, criticized, zero confidence.

Tarentula Mania could be religious mania. Underneath you have a fear of being poisoned. Obsessiveness about weight, very restless and hyper energy people, they do everything fast – talk, move.

Thuja occid. Fear of being impure, dirty blood, anxiety about health, obsessed with idea of have to clean themselves out.

Veratrum alb Religious mania, loquacious, end of world is coming. Punish themselves, fast to appease god. Behind this you see guilt.

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