Bulimina. Binge-Eating Syndrome, Binge-Purge Syndrome, Bulimarexia. A psychological eating disorder characterized by abnormal, constant craving for food and binge eating, followed by self – induced vomiting or laxative use. Body parts affected: Brain and central nervous system, kidneys, liver, endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract People most affected – Adolescents or young adults, usually female.

Causative factors – Unknown. The disorder often begins during or after stringent dieting and may be caused by stress related to insufficient food intake. Increased Risk from – Anorexia nervosa, Depression, Stress, including lifestyle changes, such as moving or starting a new school or job. Neurotic preoccupation with being physically attractive.

Signs and symptoms – Recurrent episodes of binge eating (rapid consumption of a large amount of food in a short time, usually less than 2 hours), plus at least 3 of the following: Preference for high-calorie, convenience foods during a binge Secretive eating during a binge. Patients are aware that the eating pattern is abnormal, and they fear being unable to stop eating. Termination of an eating binge with purging measures, such as laxative use or self-induced vomiting. Depression and guilt following an eating binge. Repeated attempts to lose weight with severely restrictive diets, self-induced vomiting and use of laxatives or diuretics. Frequent weight fluctuations greater than 10 pounds from alternately fasting and gorging. No underlying physical disorder.

Argentum nit  binging especially with chocolate, fixed ideas, impulsive behavior, anticipation, overriding impulses for certain foods, chocolate, salty foods, they will eat a whole box of chocolates until they get sick.

Carcinosin  Obsessive compulsive disorder. Perfectionism, fear of becoming fat, fear of rejection. Etiology: abuse, grief or fears, often related to weight.

Ignatia  perfectionism, fear of becoming fat, fear of rejection. Hysteria – loss of control of emotions, fainting. Etiology: grief or big disappointment, often related to weight.

Medorrhinum  ups and down in the persons energy, very outgoing for 2 or 3 days than wiped out for several days and with that their diets fluctuate from good to binging. Bulimia also with alcohol and drugs.

Natrum mur.  Often indicated remedy in anorexia, a lot of guilt. Fear of being rejected, hurt easily. Very self conscious of their weight.

Pulsatilla Fear of being abandoned and unloved. Fixed ideas about food, their weight, they gain and loose weight easily, eat and binge to console themselves, binges out of loneliness, or depression, then they get quilt and fear about it and than suppress it.

Staphysagria  Binging out of quilt, depression. Poor confidence and worthlessness. It is out of self denial, they don’t deserve that lemon meringue pie so they suppress their desire for it, then binge on it.

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